About us

The woodworking “Pignoli Mario Tailor-Made Furniture” was founded in 1980. The great passion for the world of woodworking and the desire to aim at a special and unusual creation, different from the “usual” furniture, led the current owner Mario to create a leading company in this area through the experience and knowledge gained.
The increasingly need for bigger spaces and the technological upgrading of the machinery have made it necessary to move the business over the years in different locations, but always in the area near Corbetta.
The company is mainly directed to private clients who want high quality furniture, made according to traditional techniques and craft processing supported by modern equipment and top quality raw materials.
The company produces both modern and classic furniture, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, closets and walk-in closets, bathrooms, interior doors of all kinds, furniture for shops and offices. Relationships with architects and interior designers play an important role.
The company also offers the opportunity to purchase complete furniture such as kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms of industrial type with an excellent “value for money”: cheap products provided and guaranteed by the professionalism of the company anyway!
Each client’s request will be heard in order to carry out odd and tailor-made crafts with original and unique solutions for each individual piece of furniture!
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